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Footloose DJ

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Footloose DJ

See What We Do


Footloose DJ

See What We Do

We Are...

We Have Skillz

20 years in the entertainment industry has taught us a lot. We specialize in keeping your guests entertained so you can focus on enjoying the party.


We’ve been entertainers for over 20 years. That’s one millenial.


Good luck finding someone who can cut loose like Footloose.


If it’s been released, we have it. Make a request.


A wise man once said, “Do what you’re good at.” So… we DJ.

Our Family

We're a father-son duo and a wonderfully crafted team. We DJ for a variety of events including weddings and parties.

If the music gets down around my feet I might just cut loose and stomp a spell.

- Jed Clampett -

  • 9674 Slider Adjustments
  • 857 Requests Taken
  • 73 Guys Who Told Us About Their Home Setups
  • 38 Hogsheads of Coffee
  • La-Shaun James

    These boys taught my party how to wobble!!

  • John Cunningham

    Literally the best selection of music I’ve found and the best sound I’ve heard. Actual eargasm.

  • Mandy Thompson

    They rock!!!

  • Eva Oakes

    Will be dreaming about Footloose DJ for the rest of my life!

  • Ralph Battles

    Thanks Footloose guys! It was an awesome party!

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    2600 Little Darby Rd. London, OH, USA

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    (614) 288-1413